Republic of Camberville

Cast by episode

EP1 “Salsaholico”

  • Shahjehan Khan as Raaj

EP 2 “While I Have You”

  • Danielle Monroe as Etta/Mother
  • Kaz Qutab as Young Raahi

EP3 “Hide & Seek”

  • Danielle Monroe as Narrator & Annabel
  • Liza Adams as Mother
  • Michael Cole as Aiden
  • Vineet Prabhu as Professor Patel


  • Jon Taie as Joe (“Whatever Happened to the Man in the Mountain?”)
  • Danielle Monroe as Narrator (“24 Cutter… #4”, “Kid”)
  • Michael Cole as News Anchor (“Kid”)

EP5 “Bombay Princess”

  • Danielle Monroe as Narrator, Echo/Orchid Mist & Twins/Dylan and Dusk
  • Reshma Mehta as Mandira
  • Vineet Prabhu as Amit
  • Michael Cole as Dr. Cassava

EP 6 “Can’t Help Falling”

  • Danielle Monroe as Miranda
  • Teeru Bihani as Piya
  • Linoy Alexander as Vivek
  • Stephanie Louis as Tessa
  • Noelle Alexander as Neelu

EP7 “Massacre”

  • Tamar Avishai as Narrator
  • Danielle Monroe as Neko
  • Elise Roth as Hannah
  • Michael Cole as Charles
  • Linoy Alexander as Rick & Leonard Ashmir

EP8 “What’s To Come”

  • Shahjehan Khan as Raahi
  • Danielle Monroe as Candace/Interviewer

Full Cast

Danielle Monroe

Danielle H. Monroe
Etta/Mother (EP2)
Narrator & Annabel (EP3)
Narrator of “24 Cutter Ave. #4” & “Kid” (EP4)
Narrator & Echo (EP5)
Miranda (EP6)
Neko (EP7)
Candace/Interviewer (EP8)

Danielle Monroe is the writer and creator of Republic of Camberville as well as the creator and producer of Artists of Camberville. She is the recipient of Emerson Presidential Fellowship as well as the author of several short stories, including Chronicle of an Alabama Childhood, 1952 (Unbound Press) and Salsaholico (Solstice Literary Magazine). 

Liz Adams

Liz Adams
Mother (EP3)

Liz Adams is a Boston-based theatre educator and award-winning actor. Selected recent performance work:  M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias (Hub Theatre Co. of Bosotn), Jackie in Trigger Warning (Zeitgeist Stage), Lord Aster in Peter and the Starcatcher (Hub Theatre Co. of Boston), Negra/Ensemble in Dark Room (Bridge Rep), Gertrude in Noir Hamlet (Centastage – Norton Award nominee, Best Actress, Small/Fringe), Julius Caesar/Octavius/Caesar’s Ghost in Julius Caesar (Actors’ Shakespeare Project), Mercedes/Chop in Plank (Alley Cat Theatre), Vivian in Wit (Hub Theatre Co. of Boston – IRNE awards, Best Actress & Best Production, Fringe), Zetta in Dog Act (Theatre on Fire – IRNE nominee, Best Production, Fringe), Cherry Pie in A Beautiful Day in November… (Apollinaire Theatre – Norton Award, Best Production, Fringe), Lady Macbeth in Macbeth (It’s a Fiasco, Cambridge), Jacques in As You Like It (Merely Players, Cambridge).

Upcoming:  The Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Hub Theatre Co. of Boston). Liz also does ghost tours with Ghosts & Gravestones sings holiday carols with Big Smile Entertainment, directs around town, and teaches theater.  She holds a master’s degree from Emerson College in Theatre Education. 

Tamar Avishai

Tamar Avishai
Narrator (EP7)

Tamar is a freelance radio producer and a proud multi-decade Somervillan despite her impending move to Cleveland.  She’s thrilled to be lending her voice to “Republic of Camberville,” which you can also hear on her art history podcast, “The Lonely Palette,” which has been aired on NPR, the BBC, the CBC, and was named Boston’s Best Podcast by the Improper Bostonian.  She spends her free time hanging with her husband, new baby, old cat, and picking a banjo.

Shahjehan Khan

Shahjehan Khan
Raaj (EP1)
Raahi (EP8)

Shahjehan is thrilled to be a part of Republic of Camberville. When he’s not starring in corporate diversity training videos, strange commercials, or doing silly and serious voiceovers, you can probably find him touring the world with the South Asian American punk rock band The Kominas or doing behavioral health consulting research work around the opioid crisis, homelessness, and drug courts. Most recently he played the spreadsheet making, guilt-ridden Adams in the world premiere of “Greater Good” by Obie-award winning playwright Kirsten Greenidge, part of A.R.T.’s Breakout Theater with CompanyOne.

Reshma Mehta

Reshma Mehta
Mandira (EP5)

The Bombay Princess episode of Republic of Camberville was an opportunity for Reshma to do something she loves – trying something new! Playing Mandira, for Reshma, was like playing herself in all her glorious complexity, conflicted with life, relationships and the world she’s adopted but tries so hard to stay distant from. 
Reshma Mehta grew up in Mumbai but she’s spent the last 20 years really growing up all over the united states, starting her journey in West Lafayette, IN studying engineering followed by working and studying in Boston and Austin. Currently, she lives out west in sunny California, working as a designer in edtech (Coursera), wrangling with the existential crisis that is Silicon Valley. When she’s not working, she’s looking for a breath of fresh air along the coast and takes on odd projects for decorating her home and life.
Kaz Qutab

Kaz Qutab
Young Raahi (EP2)

Kaz couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to be part of Republic of Camberville. He was delighted to discover the wealth of artistic talent and passion right here in his home state after years in New York and on tour. He earned a BFA in Theatre from Adelphi University, an M.S.Ed. in Elementary Education from American International College, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Acting at Northern Illinois University. In his free time, Kaz enjoys exploring innovative films and podcasts (*cough* Artists of Camberville *cough*); and he hopes you enjoy listening, too.

Elise Roth @eliserothmusic

Elise Roth
Hannah (EP7)

Elise Roth, a vintage jazz vocalist, is delighted to have a chance to use her voice in a different way playing the sanctimonious (but, like, totally justified) Hannah. She’s been a part of Boston’s swing and traditional jazz scene for the past 6 years, singing with bands big and small, and leads her own 8-piece dance band, Elise Roth & Her Harvard Squares. She looks forward to doing more voiceover work in the near future. She currently splits her time between Boston and London, England, where she grew up, and uses this a justification to keep an unreasonable amount of dresses in both countries “just in case”. 

In December, you can catch Elise as her alter-ego Ginger LaMarr in the 1940s immersive show “Club Drosselmeyer”, a retelling of The Nutcracker with jazz and swing music, at the ART’s Oberon from December 8th – 13th.

Jon Taie

Jon Taie
Joe (EP4)

Republic of Camberville was a delightful return to voice work for Jon. With a theatre degree from the College of Charleston, SC, he has been acting in and around the Somerville area for the past decade. Jon has produced and directed multiple full length stage plays, as well as a SLAMBoston winner. Currently, he is finishing a fully animated sci-fi comedy series voiced by a talented local cast. When Jon is not involved with theatre or other artistic endeavors, he works for a Somerville biotech company engaged in treating recurrent C. diff, and new treatments for Autism and IBD.


Linoy Alexander
  • Vivek (EP6)
  • Rick & Leonard Ashmir (EP7)

Noelle Alexander

Teeru Bihani

Michael Cole

  • Aiden (EP3)
  • Newscaster (“Kid” EP4)
  • Dr. Cassava (EP5)
  • Charles (EP7)

Stephanie Louis

Vineet Prabhu

  • Professor Patel (EP3)
  • Amit (EP5)