Artists of Camberville

A bi-monthly podcast dedicated to the artists living and working in Somerville and Cambridge
Episode 7 Out Now!


Speaking publicly about it for the first time, Bettina shares her story of surviving the sex abuse she suffered as a child. Bettina Burch’s story is about the power of forgiveness, the healing magic of art, and the challenging beauty found after unearthing difficult truths about your own life. (We recorded it on a hot day during a power outage, so yes those are birds and trucks in the background of the clip.)


In this episode, I speak with Tamar Avishai, host of The Lonely Palette -- the podcast that returns art history to the masses. We delve into what makes a good podcast, how she got started, her audio collective Hub & Spoke, and much more!


I speak with Jaclyn Perrone about her transition from the New York art scene to Somerville (including it's lack of diversity), her work as a cityscape artist and the 5 MONTHS of prep work she put into building her first Etsy shop!


On this episode, I speak with Bethany Noel Murray, a painter whose large canvases reveal the difficult and often transcendent moments of living with chronic migraines. Bethany details the technical tricks she uses to entice the eye as well as the practical steps she’s taken to build her art business


Just in for Pride! In episode 4, I sit down with Nate Devarie about his emotional and thought-provoking art, his relationship with God and his identity as a gay man.


This is an extra-packed episode with music (all shortened a bit for time) and conversation about Dan’s many adventures busking in and around the subway, his/my thoughts about art school, music fundraising, beer label art, the kindness of strangers, and much more.


First up, Casting for The Republic of Camberville is still open! I need auditions (especially women). Check out more info at Today we have JeffJam! Premier children's entertainer for Camberville and all around Boston. Ever wondered how he built his business? Or what expectations he has for caretakers at his shows? Listen now!
More info on upcoming Dance Parties and gigs at


First up, Announcements!!! The Republic of Camberville Casting Call is now up! Visit for more info!
Episode 1 Out Now! In my debut episode I  sit down with Amanda MacKenzie, author of "The Do-Over: A Memoir of Work and Love" to discuss the why and the how of publishing her first book.

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