Republic of Camberville is an anthology fiction podcast series. 
Season 2 will be dedicated to producing your scripts and short stories for the radio

For Season 2 of Republic of Camberville we will be accepting submissions of full-length short stories, short-short stories and radio dramas. Previously published work welcomed. See the Submission Guidelines and FAQ for more information. 

What is Republic of Camberville?

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Why Submit to Republic of Camberville?

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Read the full FAQ

Submission Guidelines

Submission period is from November, 2019 – March 31, 2020. 

Regular Submission

  • The editors invite submissions of radio drama and fiction (no literary criticism or nonfiction). Online submissions through our Submission Manager only. Do not mix submission types in the same submission. 
  • All prose manuscripts should be double-spaced. Radio-drama scripts should follow this format. File types supported are limited to .doc(x), .txt, and .pdf. Submissions should include the author name and email address on the first page.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay as long as you notify us if accepted elsewhere.
  • Previously published material is welcome as long as the publication date is before January 1, 2020 and the author holds the copyright (See the full list of exclusions here.)
  • Standard response time is from 4-8 weeks after the submission window has closed. 
  • There is a $6 reading fee on all submissions. ~$4.50 of ever fee helps fund the series. The rest goes to Submittable.  (each episode costs $500-$1,000 to produce).


Every submission must include one (1) of the following in the title or body of the submission. 

  1. Cambridge
  2. Somerville
  3. Camberville

Be sure to spell them correctly! Readers will perform a ctrl+F for Cambridge, Somerville and/or Camberville before beginning reading. 

Stories do not have to take place in Cambridge, Somerville or Camberville, BUT they should have significant links. Somerville, MA and Cambridge, MA are real places and stories that take place in these cities should reflect the reality of those communities (Learn more about Somerville and Cambridge). However, Camberville (a local colloquialism of Cambridge + Somerville) is a fictional place and can be adapted to meet the needs of a story. Please familiarize yourself with the type of stories produced in Season 1 for context. 

If you do not include one of these terms, your submission will not be read

Submission Types

It’s best to familiarize yourselves with the fiction from Season 1 before submitting. Every episode must be fictional and standalone. Excerpts from unpublished book-length manuscripts will be considered, but must be able to stand alone. 

Previously Published Work

Previously published material is welcome under certain conditions. 

  • The work must be published before January 1, 2020. This includes radio/podcast adaptations, literary magazines, forums, posting on blogs, etc. 
  • Please include a link to the published story or provide reference to where the story was published on the first page of your submission.
  • The author must hold the copyright. As a general rule, authors own the copyright for work published in literary magazines and for self-published work. For fiction published in conjunction with a publisher, the author should investigate the copyright holding. Every situation is different. The writer/submitter is responsible for understanding if he/she/they own the copyright for the work. The author of any produced story lends the copyright to Republic of Camberville (RoC) until the episode is published. No simultaneous publications. If the work is accepted elsewhere, please notify Republic of Camberville right away. The copyright then reverts back to the author. The following articles provide more resources to writers unfamiliar with copyright dos and don’ts.

Short Story

One (1) full length (non-short short) story per submission. While there are no length restrictions, longer manuscripts (9,000 to 12,000 words) must be truly exceptional to be considered. Previously produced short stories range from 4,000-7,000 words. And while there is no limit to the number of characters a story has, the more voices a story needs the more expensive it is to produce. 


Short-Short Story

Three (3) short-short stories per submission. Short-shorts should be no longer than 1,500 words per story. Please include all submissions in one document.



One (1) script per submission. Scripts should be between 15-60 minutes in length. See this example for how to format scripts for submission.


Image Sources: Robert Anasch