Lyndsey Finds a Friend

     With her savings in hand, she had just enough for a chocolate scone one-way ticket to Fletrook. She’d never been to a station before and the bustle of people, the loudspeaker announcements she couldn’t quite make out, and the massive Departure/Arrivals board that switched once she found her train made her dizzy. She was beginning to feel she’d made a mistake. How would she go up against The Godfreys if she couldn’t handle the train station?
     “You lost?” 
     Lyndsey jumped at the voice behind her. She turned to see a young man, not too much older than herself, studying her and smiling.
     “Hi,” the young man said. “Need some help?”
     “Thanks. I just want to make sure I don’t miss my train.” 
     Lyndsey showed him the ticket and he smiled again. “Platform 12, all the way down. Should be boarding now. I’m heading there myself. I’ll walk you.”
     “Great, thanks. I’m Lyndsey, by the way.”
     And while Lyndsey knew she should be wary of strangers, it was all her Aunt and Uncle ever talked about, this Pete exuded a disarming charm. She somehow knew he would help her and that he could be trusted. 
     On the journey Lyndsey told Pete all about Rocco, the kite, and her parents’ diaries. Pete listened with rapt attention. 
     “Incredible,” he said, and after thinking it over for just a moment, “I’m coming with you.”
     “What?” Lyndsey said, surprised and delighted.
     “I’m on my way to see my brother. Fletrook is only a few towns over. I’ll hop back on the train this evening. But I’m guessing you’ll need some help.”
     “I hate to admit it, but I could. I don’t know where to start.”
     “That’s the other reason I want to help,” Pete said, smiling. “I do. I have a friend who could give us more info on The Godfreys. Let me find his phone number.”