We all need it sometimes. Help me continue to create high-quality produced fiction for Season 2 of Republic of Camberville. We pay professional local actors and artists to create Republic of Camberville. Those costs in addition to studio fees, editing fees, post-production work, music licenses, website hosting, and marketing means that every episode can cost up to $1,000 to produce. 

Give now With KickStarter

  • Give now through Jan. 1, 2020
  • Your Life Story could become an episode of Republic of Camberville! Two Muse-Level donors will have their life story dramatized for a Season 2 Episode of Republic of Camberville
  • Become a character in Season 2! Choose your own name (or an enemy’s name, no judgement) for a major character for an upcoming episode
  • Feed an actor and receive a personalized thank you letter
  • Get customized Republic of Camberville postcards, magnets, and much more!


Did you know we're accepting submissions for Season 2?! Share your short story, short-short story or script today!

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