March 22

Lieutenant Campbell Report

     Through surveillance we now believe the Scientists suspect over a reasonable doubt they are being surveilled and are attempting to withhold documentation because of these suspicions. We have made necessary precautions to the laboratory and their home in case they become further compromised.

     March 24

Lieutenant Campbell Report

     Lethal force was necessary in eradicating the threat the scientists faced. Our team found documents outlining plans to infiltrate the security measures put in place to secure the Godfrey laboratory. They detailed:

          Step 1: Disarm the security system with override password

          Step 2: Create disguises through sourcing security guard uniforms

          Step 3: Find and use a map of the premises

     We are still looking for the scientists’ latest lab reports, which we hope will detail the UV ignitor formula. Our intel suggests Piper had begun keeping a diary, but we have not recovered any writings thus far. The daughter, Lyndsey, is being closely watched and all incoming mail is being scanned first.

So What's it Going to Be?