Episode 5 "Bombay Princess"

Photo courtesy of Aditya Vyas
Photo courtesy of Aditya Vyas

This episode was written and produced by Danielle Monroe. Special thanks to Linoy Alexander, Tina Abramson, Lilly Kutty Mathew and K.V. Alexander for logistical and emotional support. And to Darren Vermaas for his post-production magic. 

  • Episode art courtesy of Aditya Vyas

This episode features the voice talents of:

  • Narrator, Echo & Twins — Danielle Monroe 
  • Mandira — Reshma Mehta
  • Amit — Vineet Prabhu 
  • Dr. Cassava — Michael Cole
Reshma Mehta
Reshma Mehta @ traveler_serendipity
The Bombay Princess episode of Republic of Camberville was an opportunity for Reshma to do something she loves – trying something new! Playing Mandira, for Reshma, was like playing herself in all her glorious complexity, conflicted with life, relationships and the world she’s adopted but tries so hard to stay distant from. 
Reshma Mehta grew up in Mumbai but she’s spent the last 20 years really growing up all over the united states, starting her journey in West Lafayette, IN studying engineering followed by working and studying in Boston and Austin. Currently, she lives out west in sunny California, working as a designer in edtech (Coursera), wrangling with the existential crisis that is Silicon Valley. When she’s not working, she’s looking for a breath of fresh air along the coast and takes on odd projects for decorating her home and life.

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