Episode 1 “Salsaholico” Listen On: Spotify  Stitcher TuneIN Apple Podcast This episode was written and produced by Danielle Monroe. Special thanks to Darren Vermass for technical support, Linoy Alexander and Tina Abramson for logistical and emotional support, and to Shahjehan Khan for his time and talent.  Click here for a transcript of this episode. A …

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Dan Blakeslee

My Interview with Dan Blakeslee Soundcloud Twitter Instagram Facebook Apple <- <- Ya’ll, I’m now on iTunes.  The first time I heard Dan Blakeslee play was in the Park Street T station over 8 years ago. I remember this voice reverberating around the columns. The best way I can describe his voice is it’s like …

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Debut Episode of artists of camberville is now live!!!

EP1 Of Artists of Camberville Is Now Live!!! An enormous thank you to Amanda Mackenzie, whose honest and vulnerable conversation has created a fantastic first episode of Artists of Camberville. I cannot thank her enough for sharing with me. “Don’t Let The Great Get In The Way Of The Good” It almost didn’t happen. Sorting …

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