Episode 1 "Salsaholico"

This episode was written and produced by Danielle Monroe. Special thanks to Darren Vermass for technical support, Linoy Alexander and Tina Abramson for logistical and emotional support, and to Shahjehan Khan for his time and talent. 

Shahjehan Khan
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Shahjehan is thrilled to be a part of Republic of Camberville. When he’s not starring in corporate diversity training videos, strange commercials, or doing silly and serious voiceovers, you can probably find him touring the world with the South Asian American punk rock band The Kominas or doing behavioral health consulting research work around the opioid crisis, homelessness, and drug courts. Most recently he played the spreadsheet making, guilt-ridden Adams in the world premiere of “Greater Good” by Obie-award winning playwright Kirsten Greenidge, part of A.R.T.’s Breakout Theater with CompanyOne.

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