My Interview with Jeff Jam

On the second episode of Artists of Camberville I had the pleasure of sitting across from THE Jeff Jam. Before I had my own kids, I worked as a nanny during Grad School and Jeff Jam’s sing-a-longs were part of my weekly schedule. I could rely on his high-energy to engage and delight the kids and I would get 20 minutes of sitting and singing, a rest I often desperately needed. Nothing changed when I had my own kids and my daughter would offer Jeff Jam a shy high-five at the end of his shows and detail his every move on our walks back home. 

What’s not to love about a Jeff Jam show? It’s free. It’s fun. And you can tell the man behind the guitar loves what he’s doing.

Jeff Jam Artists of Camberville

(Not all Jeff Jam shows are free. Tickets to his monthly dance party at the Burren will set you back $8. A small price to pay for the pleasure of drinking a beer while your toddler rocks out to a full band.)

Like I say in the interview, what’s nice about taking your kids to a Jeff Jam show is they’re allowed to be kids. They can be curious. They can explore. There’s no tape on the floor. If your child wants to touch his guitar, Jeff Jam says OK. As a parent you can relax, let go a little and just watch your kids be themselves. 

Guys, I’m learning a lot about sound. It’s not perfect here and it’s not perfect in the next episode (Dan Blakeslee, EP3 out May 27), but it’s getting better. I welcome all feedback. Just leave your nasty at the door.