Calling All Actors in the metro boston area!

I am looking for a handful of voice actors for the upcoming Fiction podcast Republic of Camberville. Each role pays $100-250, depending on the size. Audition for as many as you’d like. Submissions due by midnight, May 31st.

Who I Want

  • Prepared Actors who are engaged with the character and the text. Actors who have ideas. Actors who are creative, who will make the characters their own and, most importantly, who can follow direction.
  • Actors who are available for callbacks and table reads via phone and available to record in-person at a studio in Arlington, MA.
  • Questions? Email them to

Submission Guidelines

  • Begin your audition by stating your name and the role you’re reading for. If auditioning for multiple roles please restate your name at the beginning of each audition.
  • If you are auditioning for the role of Raaj (Salsaholico) also submit an audition for Raahi (What’s To Come). Ideally the same actor will play both these roles.
  • Submit a short resume in the body of your email and be sure to include your email, phone number and location. Headshot not needed (because radio).
  • Email an audio file to Please submit one file for each role. Please only submit one audition of each role.
  • Remember, all submission due by midnight, May 31st
And While You’re Here… Are you an artist or writer living in or from Cambridge/Somerville? You could be on an upcoming episode of Artist of Camberville. Check it Out.


(click name to view side)

RAAJ (Salsaholico) — Second-Person Narration 
MALE: A troubled Indian man in his mid-20s living in Cambridge, originally from Maine. Actors can use an accent or not. Actors should be comfortable pronouncing Spanish. (download side for more info)

YOUNG RAAHI (While I Have You) — Radio Play 
MALE: A fifteen-year old boy performing his sci-fi radio play. No accent. (download side for more info)

RAAHI(What’s To Come) — Radio Play 
MALE: A man in his late 30s being interviewed for a radio show similar to Fresh Air. He is discussing his debut novel. No accent. (download side for more info)

JOE (What Ever Happened To The Man In The Mountain?) — First-Person Narration 
MALE: Joe is a native New Englander in his mid-30s-to-late-40s. A Boston accent is not necessary. (download side for more info)

MANDIRA  (Bombay Princess) — Story 
FEMALE: An Indian woman (specifically from Kerala) in her late-40s living in Cambridge as an au pair. Some accent for this role. (download side for more info)

NIKO (Massacre) — Story 
FEMALE: A woman in her mid-twenties. Actors should be comfortable pronouncing Spanish. (download side for more info)

HANNAH (Massacre) — Story 
FEMALE: A woman in her mid-twenties, a former dancer. (download side for more info)

PIYA (Can’t Help Falling) — Radio Play
FEMALE: An Indian woman in her mid- to late-twenties. Raised in the US. A former engineer who is now working on starting a meditation and chakra healing business. Actors can use an accent or not. (download side for more info)