Why Submit to Republic of Camberville S2

I get why you may be nervous. I earned by M.F.A. in 2012, and at that time I would have never considered submitting to an audio-only literary magazine. But a lot has changed since then. The podcasting world has blown up. And there’s so much opportunity to reach new audiences in new ways. 

1. Beauty

Your words are beautiful. Let’s celebrate them. By collaborating with other actors and artists, and by mixing your story with sound and music, we can manipulate your prose. We can highlight those magical moments in ways just reading can’t. 

2. Exposure

Your story will be produced and given to the world for free. You will able to share it with friends and contacts in a way you simply can’t with a traditional short story. I’ve had my own stories published in print and online magazines. And it’s a wonderful feeling. But, it can also be a pretty quiet experience. By publishing your work in RoC, you’ll have something to share on social media that fans and readers can easily engage with. The most listened to episode of RoC has been streamed 14.6k times (as of 11/9/19). Even if a literary magazine has a robust subscription pool, I’ll never know how many people actually read my story. With RoC you know exactly how many people your words have reached. And the number will continue to rise. 

3. Analytics

As writer, we understand the importance of creating eloquent arguments. The same thought applies when we argue for ourselves. Imagine being able to tell a prospective agent or editor that 14,000 people have listened to your story. 

4. We Accept Previously Published Work

There are only a handful of places that accept previously published work. That story you had published a few years back? Why not adapt it for RoC and let it shine again? I don’t need to be the first. I want the best work, no matter where it’s been before. 

5. Artistry

I’m proud of the art I created in Season One. But I’m only getting started. I know so much more about editing, mixing and directing. I did a hell of a good job, but I know I can do even better. 

I hope you’ll submit to this project. Together, we can create something beautiful and unique. Thanks for considering.