EP4 "Whatever Happened..., 24 Cutter..., & Kid"

Hallelujah Bethany Noel Murray
Hallelujah by Bethany Noel Murray

This episode was written and produced by Danielle Monroe. Special thanks to Linoy Alexander,  Tina Abramson, Lilly Kutty Mathew and K.V. Mathew for their logistical and emotional support, and to Darren Vermaas for audio assistance. 

Episode Art courtesy of Bethany Noel Murray. 

This episode features the voice talents of:

Jon Taie
Jon Taie

Republic of Camberville was a delightful return to voice work for Jon Taie. With a theatre degree from the College of Charleston, SC, he has been acting in and around the Somerville area for the past decade. Jon has produced and directed multiple full length stage plays, as well as a SLAMBoston winner. Currently, he is finishing a fully animated sci-fi comedy series voiced by a talented local cast. When Jon is not involved with theatre or other artistic endeavors, he works for a Somerville biotech company engaged in treating recurrent C. diff, and new treatments for Autism and IBD.

Upcoming: Check out The Spapera, a 7-part animated Sci-Fi comedy series premiering on YouTube this November. Watch the Prologue now. 

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